National Depression Screening

Mood swings and sadness are a normal part of life. Many people use the word depression to describe those mood swings, but clinical depression is much more than just sadness. It can be overwhelming, taking over your life and making it difficult to work, sleep or be happy.

The good news is that depression is a preventable condition. If you're feeling overwhelmed and think that you might be clinically depressed, the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County invites you to take this free, confidential online depression screening test and several other mental health screenings from Mental Health America. If your screen results show that you may have depression, please seek assistance right away.

It’s Okay to get Help!

If you would like help finding a health or mental health provider to assist you, please call our Mental Health GPS (Guiding People to Services) Helpline for resources at (561) 801-4357. It is also important for you to visit your family doctor to ensure that you don’t have a physical problem. If you don't have a primary care physician, you can find one near you by visiting the website of the Florida Association of Community Health Centers. Additional resources that can help are listed below.

Things may seem hopeless, but with help and support you can overcome depression. Depression can be treated, and you can feel better.