Listen to Children Mentors

The following is a list of current mentors who are active with the Listen to Children program as of this date.  Mentors should always display an active badge while on school campus.  For questions, please contact Penny Oranburg at or   561-832-3755.




1. Adele-Posses, Arlene

2. Arun, Diya

3. Blumberg, Blossom "Buzz"

4. Bluming, Cindy

5. Cerniglia, Charles

6. Cerniglia, Eileen

7. Ciarlariello, Elaine

8. Clark, Janet 

9. Diamond, Alan

10. Edelstein, Debbie 

11. Edwards, Bert

12. Edwards, Cheryl 

13.Fitzgerald, Dani

14. Fogel, Neil

15. Frankel, Beverly

16. Freedman, Marilyn

17. Friedman, Debra

18. Goldfarb, Barri

19. Goldman, Edward

20. Gradess, Linda

21. Keiser, Judith

22. Kline, Nikkia

23. Kroll, Judi

24. Mauck, Sherri

25. Perimutter-Sherman, Judy

26. Primost, Joyce

27. Rubin, Janice

28. Sachs, Gerald

29. Savran, Janis

30. Schachleiter, Judi

31. Selko, Maurcy  

32. Sherman, Jay ( Flora-Lou)

33. Siegel, Amanda

34. Van Gorp, Harry

35. Weber, Suellen

36. Wilson, Clare

37. Zinberg, Barbara

The following is a list of current schools where a Listen to Children mentor is placed.  

  1. Binks Elementary
  2. Christa McAuliffe Middle School
  3. Coral Sunset Elementary
  4. Coral Reef Elementary
  5. Crystal Lakes Elementary
  6. Diamond View Elementary
  7. Hammock Pointe Elementary
  8. Imagine Chancellor Elementary
  9. Jerry Thomas Elementary
  10. Jupiter Farms Elementary
  11. Odyssey Middle School
  12. Orchard View Elementary
  13. Palm Beach Maritime Academy (Elementary)
  14. Palm Beach Maritime Academy (Middle School)
  15. Panther Run Elementary
  16. Poinciana Elementary
  17. Seminole Trails Elementary
  18. Sunrise Park Elementary
  19. Tradewinds Middle School
  20. U B Kinsey Elementary
  21. Wellington Elementary
  22. Wellington Landings Middle School
  23. Whispering Pines Elementary

Below are forms that are used in the Listen to Children Program. These are available for LTC Mentors to download and print as needed.                          

LTC Rules and Regulations 17-18       Reporting Forms Guidelines            Monthly Mentor Progress Sheet

Mentor Final Evaluation                          Mentor Checklist and Timeline        Student Early Termination Form

Initial Survey - Elementary                      Final Survey - Elementary                PBC School Calendar 17-18 

Initial Survey - Middle School                 Final Survey - Middle School          Who is a Listener?

Problem Solving Sheet                            Feeling Angry Booklet                      What is a Listener ?   

My Journal Place Workbook                   Book About Me - Older Child           My Very Special Book About me

Mentor Activities For Students                Mighty Joe Workbook                        Certificate of Participation

Supporting Students who have a family member with an advanced serious illness or has died

How to Make Living in Two Places Easier