Peers Empowering Peers (PEP)

The Peers Empowering Peers program (PEP) program trains and deploys Peer Specialists to help their peers navigate the health care system reduce re-hospitalization rates, improve behavioral health, and improve quality of life.  Our Peer Specialists work to help patients who are hospitalized with behavioral health diagnoses and then follows them into the community to assist them in their recovery. We are also increasing the workforce of nationally certified Peer Specialists to work in hospitals and other clinical settings in partnership with Mental Health America.

To learn more about the Peers Empowering Peers program (PEP) or to get more information on how to become a National Certified Peer Specialist call 561-832-3755 or email


Jesse and Michael are two of MHA's Peer Mentors working in the PEP program.

Patrick Hendry facilitating the National Peer Specialist Certification training to our peers.

Kristina working with a social worker from JFK North on discharge planning for a client

Kristina and Whitney 

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