Health Reform Legislation

Recently passed health reform legislation will significantly change the way our health care system operates. How many of us have really know what the new law says and understand how this will affect our lives? The Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County has the great good fortune to be able to present the following analyses that begin to shine a light on how this law will affect people with mental illness, young adults, older adults and more. If you want to understand more about how your access to care will change and who will pay for the changes, view the resources below.

Need Health Insurance and have a pre-existing condition?

To learn more about insurance for people with preexisting conditions who do not have health insurance, please click HERE.


Policy Briefs: 

To learn more about how health reform legislation affects all of us, please refer to the following documents:


Making Sense of Health Reform 

This document explains health care reform legislation in a clear, objective manner and was originally presented by Paul Gionfriddo at the Palm Beach County Mental Health Coalition meeting on June 17, 2010 and was updated at the MHA Lunch and Learn on September 2, 2010.  Click HERE for a copy of the presentation.