Volunteer Opportunities at MHA

The following are volunteer opportunities to work with MHA or one of its partners doing valuable and needed work in the community. For more information about the opportunities listed here, please contact the people listed below. 


Helpline Support Team Member

The Support Team Member will be a part of the Helpline Support Team who is made up of Peers, Staff, Interns and Volunteers that work out of our drop-in center, the Peer Place Support Center.  The Support Team will answer in-coming calls to our Helpline and assist with our follow up, outgoing calls on a daily basis.  The Team member will be trained in how to access and provide mental health and community resources to the caller.  He or She will be trained on supportive listening.  The Helpline Support Team Member will be expected to answer the phone and provide a supportive voice and a listening ear to our callers.  Some of the responsibilities include:

Maintain counselor/person served confidentiality

Demonstrate appropriate language.

Practice mutual respect with each other in person and on the phone.

Demonstrate appropriate hygiene, clothing in work place

Always do work in the interests of helping those they serve.

Maintain appropriate boundaries and demonstrate ability to ask for help; Take Care of Yourself!

Complete required paperwork in a timely manner (every day).

Report to Helpline Manager with any questions or concerns

Commit to hours and be on time to volunteer. 

Listen to Children

We are currently training volunteers to work with children of all ages in schools who have been identified as needing a caring person to talk to about problems they might be having. The volunteer visits the child once a week to listen and problem solve. To learn more, call The Mental Health Association at 561-832-3755.

Mental Health Professionals

MHA is seeking mental health professionals willing to give 4 hours a week for 12 weeks to help with a variety of activities including answering helpline calls requesting help, support group facilitators, guest speakers on topics of interest including mental health and wellness, research on topics of interest to the MHA and its membership, and more. If you are interested, please call our office at 561-832-3755 or contact us via email.

All volunteers with the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County, Inc. are required to complete a volunteer application form and sign a confidentiality agreement. The forms can be completed and emailed back to us at info@mhapbc.org.

Our Members’ Volunteer Opportunities

A benefit of being a member of MHA is that we will help you publicize your need for volunteers.
Here are some examples:

Helping People in Crisis

The Red Cross is looking for volunteers to be ‘on call’ in case of emergencies. These volunteers help console people after a fire or other tragic incident. Anyone may volunteer and Red Cross will train you. All that is needed is a caring person to listen to survivors of crisis situations. There is also a need for Licensed Mental Health professionals for whom Red Cross offers a class in Crisis Intervention. Red Cross also offers a class in Psychological First Aid.

Contact: Rebecca Videtto

Coordinator, Volunteer Resources

American Red Cross, Greater Palm Beach Area Chapter
office - 561-650-9128

Guardian Advocates

Seeking compassionate volunteers to serve as Guardian Advocates for mentally ill patients involuntarily committed to mental health facilities in Palm Beach County under Chapter 394, F.S. (The Baker Act). Guardian Advocates are appointed by the Court, to provide consent for mental health treatment (& occasionally medical treatment) so long as the patient is involuntarily placed in the facility. Upon discharge from the facility or upon the patient being transferred to voluntary status, the Guardian Advocate duties are ended. Volunteers will be subject to a background check, must abide by a confidentiality agreement, and must take a 4 hour training course. The training may be waived by the Court under certain circumstances. Contact Ms. Mary Quinlan, Social Service Coordinator at 561-355-1925.


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