What started out as the #OK2TALK initiative has now transformed into the #OK2ACT initiative. The talking has been done and now it is time to act. A huge step forward in this process was the #OK2ACT Think Tank held on December 10th at the Quantum Foundation. Leaders, policy-makers and funders got together and discussed actions that must be taken to break the link between mental illness and the justice system.

Think Tank participants were able to discuss openly and honestly on a lot of very difficult and complicated issues. MHA was able to get a lot of really great ideas on the table. While it feels like there is a lot of work to do, MHA is committed to helping get this effort organized and to keep this movement going. MHA is confident that with the tools that have been developed by Judge Leifman as a starting point, we can develop new activities and processes that make sense for our community and that will help break the link between people with mental illness and the justice system.


Please click here for the OK2ACT Think Tank Summary