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Bipolar Disorder Does Not Increase Risk of Violent Crime, Swedish Study Suggests
This article discusses the representation of people with Bipolar Disorder and an increase of crime. There was recently a new study from Sweden's Karolinska Institutet that suggests that bipolar disorder does not increase the risk of committing violent crime. There is a public debate that assumes that violence in the mentally ill is a direct result of the perpetrator’s illness. The study discussed in this article shows that substance abuse is what plays a huge role with crime rates. The findings from the study support the need for initiatives to prevent, identify and treat substance abuse when fighting violent crime. This article is important because this stigma of mental illness causing the increase of violent crimes causes a wider alienation gap. This ultimately discourages people to seek the help they need.


Bipolar Treatment Information Center
Madison Institute of Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin. Over 10,000 references on file. The center collects and disseminates information about medications and other forms of treatment for bipolar disorder.


Center for Mental Health Services' Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN)
A comprehensive mental health site from the U.S. government with  free publications and resources on bipolar disorder and related issues like stigma, depression, anxiety, and other childhood brain disorders.

Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

"Understanding Bipolar Disorder and Recovery," National Alliance on Mental Health