About Us 

Mission Statement

To improve mental wellness and eliminate stigma in our community through education, advocacy, and by improving access to integrated behavioral health services.

Vision Statement

Every person has access to quality, integrated behavioral health care and knows “It’s Okay to Get Help!’; Every child is assessed for behavioral health problems and receives preventive treatment; Every doctor understands the connection between mind and body and uses this understanding to improve treatment outcomes, and; every policymaker knows that spending on behavioral health services improves overall community health.


What we do

  • MHAPBC works to improve the lives of people touched by mental illness through education, advocacy, and outreach.  Our services include:
  • Mental Health GPS HELPLINE—801-HELP (4357)
  • Brief supportive counseling/support groups
  • Navigation to providers and follow-up assistance 
  • Follow-up assistance and care coordination
  • Workshops for the general public and for professional development
  • Listen to Children, a school-based mentoring program since 1982
  • MPower: a psychology club in high schools since 2009
  • Be Merge, a primary and behavioral healthcare integration initiative that provides training to medical personnel to recognize behavioral health problems in the primary care and hospital settings;
  • Peer Place Support Center
  • PEARLS and EnhanceWellness for older adults
  • MY LIFE for youth ages 13-23
  • Peers Empowering Peers (PEP) 
  • Our “It’s Okay to Get Help!” Campaign fights the stigma of mental illness


MHA Public Policy, Advocacy, and Education

The Mental Health Association works with community partners to advocate for solutions that will improve the lives of people living with mental illness. MHA works with public policy leaders, service providers, researchers, advocates, consumers, and educators to providing the latest news and information about mental health and wellness. Among the priorities of the Mental Health Association are:

  • Increasing understanding about mental health issues among all residents of the county to reduce the stigma of mental illness.
  • Countywide mental health system capacity-building that will lead to more coordinated care delivery systems among all providers of mental health services, including independent practitioners, primary care and mental health clinics, hospitals, food and shelter providers, prisons and jails, employers, and educators.
  • Partnership program development. MHA works with a variety of community partners to implement targeted strategies to address critical community mental health needs.
  • Increasing assistance and support to special populations such as caregivers, veterans and their families, older adults, children and families, populations who are reentering society, specific ethnic/racial groups, and many more.
  • Including mental health issues in the Health Care Reform and other policy discussions.
  • Improving mental health wellness support and information and referral resources for all in the community.

MHA serves the entire population of Palm Beach County. All donated dollars remain in Palm Beach County. 

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Contact Information

Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County, Inc.

909 Fern Street 

West Palm Beach, FL 33401



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