The Mental Health Association (MHA) works on behalf of the citizens of Palm Beach County, their friends and family members to advocate for adequate and appropriate funding and increase understanding of mental illness within the community. We know that awareness and treatment works, and we depend upon the support of our legislators and community leaders.

Reviewed and updated annually, our advocacy plan includes involvement on local, state and national levels in order to achieve reasonable and effective policies for children, the elderly and the mentally disabled. We support and partner with local and state advocacy groups to avoid duplication of services and to inform you, the public, about issues that affect your lives. 


How can you become an advocate for mental health issues?

First, make others around you aware that the issues affect all of us. Talk to your friends, and write letters to the editors of local news organizations.

Second, reach out to elected officials asking for their support on key issues affected those coping with mental illnesses.

Find your senator:

Find your representative:

Finally, if you’re not already registered to vote, sign up and make your voice heard. Your vote will directly impact who represents you as an elected official, but issues that impact mental health awareness and treatment often appear on election ballots. Find out more at the Palm Beach County Board of Elections.