Mental Health Association Staff

To contact a member of the MHA staff, please refer to our staff directory.


MHA Palm Beach County




Jeremy Morse



Sarah Spiro

Vice President for Programs

Brittany Barnes

Peer Services Coordinator

Alita Faber

MHGPS Coordinator

Abbe Giannoutsos

Certified Peer Mentor & Helpline Specialist




Pam McCorry




Penny Oranburg

Listen To Children Coordinator

Maryann Roman

Office Manager



Peer Place Support Center

Frederick Orr, CRPS

Peer Place Coordinator

Patrick Majors

Peer Mentor

Joseph Pergolizzi

Peer Mentor


Peers Empowering Peers (PEP)

Jesse Gonzalez

Peer Support Professional

Michael Peterson

Peer Support Professional

Kristina McMillon, CRPS, NCPS


My Life Coordinator

Whitney Gewirtzman, Peer Support Professional

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